RobertAbout me:

I am a Professor at UCLouvain, Belgium. I conduct research in the Institute of Neuroscience, and teach at the Faculty of Motricity Sciences.

My research examines how humans control movements and learn skills. I achieve this using a multimodal approach that combines behavioral experiments, non-invasive brain stimulation, and neuroimaging.

My research interests include:

– Examining how we initially learn movement skills, and automate skills through extensive practice.
– Addressing the adverse effects of age and stroke on movement control.
– Understanding how imagining and observing actions affects our movement system.


October 2019 – We welcome two new PhD candidates, Lore Vleugels and Gautier Hamoline, to the lab.

September 2019 – Rob presents at the habit lab at Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

September 2019 – Our latest paper, “Time-dependent competition between goal-directed and habitual response preparation” has been published in Nature Human Behaviour.

September 2019 – Rob has founded the Brain, Action, and Skill Laboratory at UCLouvain, Belgium.

July 2019 – Rob presents in a symposium on Motor Imagery at the FEPSAC meeting in Munster, Germany.

May 2019 – Rob presents at the Symposium on the Biology of Decision Making at Oxford University, UK.

April 2019 – New paper accepted in the Journal of Neurophysiology: Reciprocal Intralimb Transfer of Skilled Isometric Force Production.

April 2019 – Rob presents a keynote at the 2019 meeting of the “Research In Imagery and Observation conference in Teesside, UK.

April 2019 – Rob presents at the symposium on “Characterising motor imagery” at the Experimental Psychology Society Meeting in Manchester, UK.

March 2019 – In September Rob will be moving to take on an assistant professor position at UCLouvain, Belgium, where he will have dual appointments in the Institute of Neuroscience and Faculty of Motricity Sciences.

February 2019 – Lore begins her Erasmus placement at the motivation and social neuroscience lab in Oxford, UK

December 2018 – Rob has been invited to take part in a symposium on motor imagery at the 2019 meeting of the Experimental Psychology Society in Manchester, UK.

October 2018 – Rob will be giving a keynote lecture at the 2019 “Research In Imagery and Observation” Conference in Teesside, UK

October 2018 – Preprint: Time-dependent competition between habitual and goal-directed response preparation, now on Biorxiv.

October 2018 – Lore presents work from her thesis at the Oxford University Motivation and Social Neuroscience Group Retreat

August 2018 – Paper “Neural correlates of action: Comparing meta-analyses of imagery, observation, and execution” published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews

April 2018 – Rob and Elise welcome their son Samuel Philip Hardwick to the world!

March 2018 – Rob will be hosting Dr Matthew Apps (University of Oxford) for an invited talk on Opportunities, Costs, and Dopamine.

December 2017 – Dataset made freely available through the open science framework: Neural Correlates of Action

October 2017 – Biorxiv pre-print: meta-analyses comparing neural correlates of motor imagery, action observation, and movement execution, including over 1000 experiments.

September 2017 – New paper: Highlights from the 2017 Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement

June 2017 – Talk at the Symposium on “Non-invasive brain stimulation: help or hype?” at the 2017 NASPSPA meeting, San Diego, USA.

May 2017 – Hopping across the pond: I’ve moved from Johns Hopkins to start my Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at KU Leuven!

March 2017 – Talk on separating skill leaning and habit formation at the 2017 Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement, Dublin, Ireland

February 2017 – Award from the Society for the Neural Control of Movement, allowing me to travel to Dublin to present work at the 2017 conference.